COEUM Announces 4Agencies Program

COEUM 4Agencies Launches
Packaged Offering to Make Remote Irrelevant for Insurance Agencies

Michigan, August 10, 2021 — Expanding the offerings of its product and service portfolio, COEUM Technologies, a leading provider of revenue enabling software and service solutions, today announced the immediate availability of COEUM 4Agencies.

“Accelerated by the pandemic, the world has rapidly moved to a Customer centric, non- stop, 7 X Forever endeavor. As the business world continues to adjust to a highly distributed environment, customer focused Companies are looking for new product and service solutions that provide seamless operations to support their employees and customers alike. In support of this, COEUM 4Agencies was developed with automated solutions coupled with best practice services in how to Make Remote Irrelevant while providing operational excellence no matter the location and environment” said Dale Royal CEO of COEUM.

“Every Agency, whether it be Standard or Non-Standard Offering based, needs to ensure it will continue to run efficiently to meet the changing needs of The Customer and Business alike. This software deliverable with essential operational services addresses the fundamentals of availability, efficiency and affordability for the remote Insurance workforce world,” stated Justin Clark, COO of COEUM.

Tailored to Insurance Agencies, COEUM 4Agencies provides Software and Services that makes a traditional, centrally located Agency operation, a thriving and profitable operation in a Remote Workforce environment. With packaged Operational Solutions that provide for efficient Customer Service & Support, to Sales Analytics and Workflows that ensure a continual Quote, Click, Bind operation, COEUM 4Agencies delivers optimal solutions at an affordable rate. Scalable from Single Agency Operations through hundreds of distributed locations, COEUM 4Agencies can be deployed to meet the most demanding environments, thus ensuring success of an Agencies or People, Process and Profits.

About COEUM Software

COEUM Technologies is an emerging leader of tailored Software and Services for today’s modern distributed workplace. Steeped in decades of Operational Expertise, COEUM’s technology-based solutions provide seamless, scalable and practical solutions that make remote irrelevant and inspires communication and collaboration no matter the time, distance or geography for Employee and Customer alike.  For more information on COEUM Software’s product and service offering, please visit

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