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While “Where’s Waldo” may be a great kid’s game, it’s not exactly the same level of giddy fun when you are trying to run a business! Trying to find People, Places & Partners Info should never be a career job description. COEUM People takes the hunt out of finding the People, Location, Supplier & Vendor Contact Info you need to collaborate with, No Matter the Day, Date or Time so you can focus on the things that really matter.


Let’s Be Real…When Everyone was less than 6 feet away, it was easy to find stuff! Now that we are Quarantined and Located Interplanetary Distances apart, finding basic info such as Locations, Supplier Information, Account numbers with Contracts has never been more Critical. COEUM Process with Automated Workflows allows you get things done Quickly & Efficiently, no matter where you are …Here…There…Or Everywhere!


Lose a Nickel on Every One & Make it up on Volume…YEAH RIGHT! Not the magic formula any of us have ever heard that worked. Business’s run on being able to make a few cents more than they must spend - but knowing and measuring the specifics of Sales, Profits & Results in a timely manner is the key! COEUM Profit makes it easy to Look, Monitor & Adjust in minutes rather than the historical weeks & months that legacy solutions gave you back in the day. With Intuitive Graphs, Charts & Visuals tailored to exactly how You run Your business, COEUM Profit gives You the feedback You Want & Need before finishing that first Moca Moca Java Latte of the day…