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Your company's teams are more than just a pile of names, numbers & hashtags. They are the living breathing engine that drives your success! So let them shine...COEUM People Directories showcase: * People * Contact Info * Location Information All with the showcase of skills & talents that make them rockstars, COEUM People highlights: * Skills * Experience & Education * Hobbies & Interests

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Point. Click. Collaborate. It's That Easy! COEUM People adapts to all the channels you need & want to use, with robust links for: * Phone * Email * Interactive Messaging * Video Team Conferencing COEUM People makes it easy to find the best channel to get the info & answers that customers & teams need.

Not Just People...Locations & Facilities

There is always one magic person who knows where to find everything. Every company has one. So, what happens when they are now permanently located in Patioville? COEUM People solves that universal "I need to find" problem & delivers that same critical info for all facilities & locations, including: * Address with Maps * Hours & Contact Info * All Communication Channels * Lease & Facility Agreements So forget abut Patioville...COEUM People has you covered!

Vendors & Suppliers Too

Sometimes your team extends beyond employees. "Team" can extend to the partners, vendors & suppliers that make your business go. Keeping them informed & close is hard enough on a good day...In a "quarantine in place with a hazmat suit on" world, brutal. COEUM People makes finding, tracking & communicating a cinch by keeping partner management Info centralized & accessible. With a single click, find your company's: * Utility Providers * Communication Providers * IT Support Vendors * Contractors & Service Suppliers COEUM People...Your Unfair Advantage.

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SO THINK ABOUT THIS... A leading national consulting group suggests each of us lose up to 10 hours per week trying to find basic non-productive, non-value add information. 10 hours per week per team member! YIKES! On average, COEUM People costs less than an extra hot, venti mocha mocha whatever and gives you an ROI of less than the time It takes to get through the drive through. So What Are You Waiting For...Give Us A Shout Today!

Customer Service...Built To Matter

In the Course of Time, Computers, Software & Stuff all come and go. Things that are hot today, will be a quaint laughable memory in the not-too-distant future. Need Proof? How about that cell phone that looked and felt like holding something the size of brick up to your head! But ultiamtely, People are what Endures – and that is what makes for Excellent Service & Exceptional Support. COEUM Customer Support is more than textbook theory – it is the refined knowledge and deliverable of about a billion years of Experience from Supporting Customers. So, while many can talk to the theory and technology, COEUM Support Teams talk in terms that are so much more important… How Can We Help You Today?

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