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Our Company

As a really cool emerging company, COEUM is comprised of wily veterans with remarkable track records of success. With multiple IPO's as well as M&A exits under our belts, our entrepreneurial spirit, determination & drive is going strong. Having now joined forces to have fun and unleash the knowledge & best practices built up over about 1 billion years of combined experience, WE work as a team - YOU & TEAM COEUM! The COEUM mission is you unburden & unleash the Knowledge & expertise of your company's team to focus on the important things that truly matter every day...People...Process...Profits. As a team, we bring our business superpower of being able to make time & geography irrelevant - a superpower gained from decades of building highly distributed, profitable organizations — all while maintaining a life from coast-to-coast! Our success is defined by your success... That’s the COEUM promise!

What We Do

With decades of experience under our belts, we understand that every business, in every industry, in every geographic corner of the world is faced with the common challenges of People...Process...Profits. Equipped with business super powers & dedicated to using them for good, COEUM helps defeat the challenges of time, location & information by delivering the info & knowledge you require WHEN you need it, WHERE you need it, and HOW you need it. You have built a great know it inside & out. But that doesn't mean you are really looking forward to another long night in Conference Room 4C trying to get the info you need. Remove that constant struggle & grab the info you need keep that great business matter if you are: * At Your Desk In the Office *In a Center Seat in Row 27 with the Romanian Wrestling Team * Enjoying another Zoom Call from the sands of the Caribbean COEUM delivers the clarity & insight you need . It's what we do!

Our Values

At COEUM, there are core values & principles that drive us. We treasure them to such a degree, they are not simply words, but ingrained testaments of our company DNA. * RESPECT... Everyone deserves it...make sure you show it daily. * LISTEN... Every person you meet has a story...take 5 minutes and listen to all - you will be amazed at what you learn. * EFFORT... Do YOUR best everyday...the rest will take care of itself. * GRATITUDE... Each of us have been given many gifts...Time to share & pay it forward.

Core Services

People Collaboration

Find the critical info you need to make time, location & device irrelevant!


Automate the mundane out of your day and do the really cool stuff you like!

Profit Analytics

Validate your gut...Visualize the key metrics that give you peace of mind!

Meet Our Founders

Dale D. Royal

Chairman & CEO
Dale leads the company vision & strategic path forward. His background in sales & marketing help make all go-to-market efforts align.

Justin Clark

Chief Operating Officer
Justin oversees COEUM’s daily operations. His days typically include finance, administration, operations & customer support.
“The COEUM Team was incredible! The focused care & attention in leading us through our movement to a highly distributed team environment was amazing. The expertise they brought to our project was clearly born of expertise & second to none!"
Sean Jasman
Client Advocate

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