Follow The Money...

Profit...A Latin Word for "Open For Business"

Measure More...

Look Deeper With Greater Clarity.

Earn More...

Move Faster To Grow Revenue & Elimante Expense

COEUM measures the KPI's that matter

KPI's That Matter...

"If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It." Simple to say, hard to do. COEUM KPI dashboards help you measure: * Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Sales Metrics * Corporate, Divisional & Individual Performance * Marketing & Social Media Results * Personnel Trends & Analysis With a rapid glance approach, COEUM Profit gives you the info you need before that first venti mocha java is Gone!

Info In A Flash

Time is precious...use it to your advantage by putting information in the palm of your hand. Connect and see exactly what’s going right and set notifications for when it's not. COEUM KPI Analytics help you scale the business by providing: * Corelated Reporting Into A Single Source * Visualizing Data to Make It Information * Actionable Alerts For Early Warnings * Repeatable Actions Based Upon Facts All in the blink of an eye & a click on the screen...

Visuals That Impress

No One Ever Said "A Spreadsheet Is Worth A Thousand Words..." Make your data become actionable information that jumps off the phone, tablet, or laptop screen with COEUM KPI Dashboards. Financial reports, contributed margin analysis, top sales producers, and even bottom sales producers, can all be delivered in seconds & minutes with COEUM KPI Dashboards. A picture is worth a thousand words...its jsut cooler when that picture is on your phone, tablet & laptp!

Insights That Astound

Keep & expand your competitive advantage! COEUM KPI Dashboards provide information that is actionable, not simply interesting. Monitoring & understanding those key indicators is what has always allowed you to make faster decisions & better adjustments. Pandemic or no pandemic, COEUM KPI Dashbaords help drive the fundamentals of business: * Increased Market Share * Revenue Expansion * Expense Reduction * Profit Growth Peace Of Mind...That's The COEUM Advantage.

Fully Customizable

You Know Your Business...You Trust Your Gut... Translate that "gut level feeling" to something more concrete with custom KPI's that matter to you. Whether those key indicators are: * Phone Calls Made * Proposals Written * Inventory Turns On An Hourly Basis * Parking Spaces Utilized On A Tuesday Morning COEUM Analytic Dashboards can be tailored to deliver the info you need & your gut thrives on!

World Class Customer Support

Somewhere in life you most likely have made a commitment that had words to it along the lines of “…Till death Do Us Part…”. While that may be a little overkill and melodramatic for Software stuff, Customer Support should be closer to this than “…Oh Yeah We Knew about that and will have that fixed in the next release due for shipment in Q4 2031…” At COEUM, we have built a Support Philosophy that starts with a very simple premise…You Would NOT have called if it wasn’t Important…so fix it…NOW”! The COEUM Support Teams have been in the business of solving problems in a timely manner since about the time Electricity was Invented…or at least since there were mainframes, raised floor and something called “Punch Cards”. We understand, we get it. We know what Urgency means. Because sometimes having to wait too long leads to “Till Death Do Us Part…”

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