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What good is a solution if it takes thousands of hours to master? Solutions need to work the way you work, AND they Need to be so easy to use that a golden retriever could use them... COEUM solutions deliver operations which are easy to use, intuitive to learn & incredibly fast to deploy. From employee & location information, to onboarding & exiting solutions, COEUM deployed solutions assimilate to Your work practices in less than a day. Do More...Stress a Whole Lot Less. Definitely a COEUM Advantage.

Easy To Succeed

The business world is chaotic, to say the least! COEUM Process can add a dose of calm back to the day for overstressed employees & customers alike with: * Recuitment & Hiring Process Flows * Automated OnBoarding & Exiting Workflows * Universal Supply Purchasing Apps * Facility Access Automation Routines * Distributed Collaboration Notices * Centralized Training Material After all knowledge is power. Enable the team.

Add Value Not Stress.

So while that one bit of data that you so desperately need to handle the question from the caller on line 3 may be just down the hall in a filing cabinet, it would be easier to get to Mars than that filing cabinet. No matter the need, whether it be policy, procedure or financial info, make location & geography irrelevant with COEUM based solutions that ensure consistent practices & accurate information with universal access for all. After all, running in circles is no way to get your 10,000 steps in each day!

More Value; Less Spend

Think about this…Who went to college to get a degree in “directory search”? Yeah – no one! Leading national management consulting groups estimate the average US based worker spends 8 – 10 hours per week searching for basic contact & location data – often at the expense of the customer sitting on hold listening to pan flute music. Looking at wage & salary rates across the country, COEUM starts delivering value sooner than lunch can be delivered.

Have It Your Way

You know your made it successful. You know exactly where to look when your gut tells you something is up. At COEUM, we believe your software & solutions should fit your business & your way of doing things, rather than you having to adapt to the solution. COEUM Solutions are designed as great frameworks that are meant to be tailored to the look, feel & info that is important to you. Not the other way around! Tell us what you need, we are glad to help.

Service & Support...A Promise

“Thank You for Calling. Your Call will be handled by the next available Agent. Currently you are the 1,328 caller…” Yikes, that is not exactly the message you want to hear when trying to chat with the Service 7 Support Group of the Partner who had pledged undying love and support for you if you bought by the end of the Quarter. At COEUM, We have seen all the scenarios, the good, the bad, the totally indifferent and that’s why we built something different. It starts with an understanding of what it’s like to live in your shoes - because we all have deep backgrounds in being Business Owners & Entrepreneurs. It continues with an understanding of what timely means - because sometimes tomorrow is just not good enough. And most importantly its built on a Single Promise…to be there…exactly when you need us. That is COEUM Service & Support.

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