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AND THERE ARE NO PRIZES OR AWARDS FOR HAVING THE MOST... Look you work hard…You have built a great agency with an amazing book of business. So why the H-E-Double Toothpicks are you willing to give back hard earned profits for administrative fines to the state licensing group? The Insurance Industry is an amazing Industry to be a part of. But having administrative fines are not a value add, profit accretive, market share expanding part of a business plan nor street level plan of execution. Administrative fines are evil events that happen for the simple reason of not reviewing the details that ultimately can drain the life blood of enthusiasm out of the agency. Knowledge is power – take back that power and eliminate the potential for nonsense with COEUM Audit.

COEUM Audit for Insurance Companies


WHAT'S THAT DRLP THING STAND FOR AGAIN?... Trick question…How many DRLP’s do you have for your agency? How many should you have? If the answer is greater than 1, you may have just become the Mayor of Troubleville! For every infraction, penalty and fine that may be set against your agency, the damages will multiply by the number of DRLP’s listed within the agency. Haven’t looked lately? Yeah, we hear that A LOT! COEUM Audit looks for the most common and prevalent areas of administrative fines, identifying any areas of exposure for immediate update, remediation and exposure elimination. Knowledge is power – and YOU have the power to ensure every last dollar, peso, loonie and Bitcoin stays where it belongs – in your pocket!


Or affiliate with…or produce with...or DRLP with. But you can’t do all of that at the same time with the same person. Big No No! Yet, agencies rarely ensure proper alignment of staffs with all reporting contributors, aligned to one category at a given time with the state licensing bureau. One agent…one category. Nit picking? Sure! But how many holiday luncheons do you think that silly little fine may have paid for? COEUM Audit with its programmed search templates identifies these “nit picking” areas to ensure all of your associations are positive ones.


IT'S NOT JUST FOR DOCTORS OFFICES AND RESTAURANTS ANYMORE... Time for a test…Remember John Q. Smith, that agent that had so much promise but didn’t work out three years ago? You should – he is still listed as an active agent and writing policies under your agency codes even though he left long, long after the first pandemic long ago! COEUM Audit identifies those areas where the ball got dropped, something fell through the cracks, it was an oops, of not terminating an agent's production association with the Agency in the eyes of the State after they left the agency. Seems trivial, but clearly painful & expensive if John Q. Smith’s moral compass doesn’t align with yours!

ROI...Days not Decades

The Old Wise Adage read something like “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees…” And Profits don’t show up just because you blew out all the candles on the birthday cake. Profits drive business, and the closer we can bring them to the efforts and investments we make, the more we can accomplish. As a wise, prudent experienced Leader, You expect returns for the Investments you make. With COEUM, we understand that – and we measure our ROI in days and weeks, not months, years and decades. COEUM solutions are rapidly deployable, all while delivering the solution YOU desire and costing a lot less than that extra hot Venti thing with the breakfast sandwich that you order each day for the morning commute. Grab a Timely Return On Your Investment that makes sense with COEUM Audit…somthing that is proven a whole lot better for you that that thing you are gobbling up before hitting the expressway.

Service…Support…Success…A Correlation

You have already proven that you are smart, resourceful and motivated. You have taken on Challenges and Succeeded. Yet sometimes, things don’t seem to go right, and they sure don’t make sense. It’s in that moment that insight, advice, help is needed…Now. Seems logical, seems simple enough…that is what Service & Support is meant to do…deliver help and counsel when you needed it, not when a Vendor can get to it after the Big Holiday Sale. So why so hard? Doesn’t make sense it Us either. At COEUM, this is not our First Rodeo. With decades of experience, We have the luxury of not only reading about, but creating, living and revising the most effective Best Practices. Paying it Forward & Delivering on that Knowledge in a timely manner…that is the COEUM Promise.

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